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      Corrugated Paper Products

        Corrugated paper products are the most widely used packaging materials in the world. The Group produces various patterns of single wall, double wall, and triple wall sheet boards and boxes. In addition, the Group also designs and produces display boxes, paper pallets and heavy duty packaging for customers in various industries. The Group’s TPS (Total Packaging Solution) unit specializes in providing customers with complete packaging solutions including integration of packaging materials and optimization of packing and logistics processes. 

      • Corrugated Box

                Corrugated boxes are the most common corrugated paper products, widely used in industries such as home appliances, food & beverage, FMCG, household chemicals, etc. The Group designs and produces reliable packaging boxes for specific needs, ensuring the best protection during logistic process.

      • Display Box

                Display boxes are produced with corrugated paper materials using various manufacturing processes and are assembled into a standing display unit to showcase customers’ products. Key characteristics include lightweight, foldability, and simplified design of the structure.

      • Paper Pallets

                Paper pallets are free of fumigation and relevant documentation in the exportation. Paper pallets can be designed and produced in different structures and shapes to meet a customer’s special needs. Paper pallets are 100% recyclable and lightweight, weighing only one tenth of wooden pallets of the same size. Paper Pallets are  widely used in the logistics process for exportation, food & beverage and fast consumer goods industries.

      • Heavy Duty Packaging

                Heavy duty packaging products are widely used in the telecommunication, automotive, medical equipment and electronics industries. The Group has been certified as the global qualified packaging supplier by Nokia-Siemens, Ford, GE and other multi-national companies, and is their long-term total packaging supplier.

                Heavy duty packaging made out of high strength corrugated containerboard can replace the more expensive wooden case. We offer an array of heavy duty packaging products that are safe and effective, low in cost, recyclable, lightweight, nice appearance, mass production ability, easy stack-ability, and high shock-resistance.